Rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

Off the beaten path: rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

Blog post of 2018-11-20, updated 2019-07-08

Spend a night in Amsterdam

An excursion is never complete without an extraordinary encounter. One of the rare ways to enjoy life is to spend a night in a luxury houseboat in Amsterdam. Staying on the water is a curious experience you would like to unravel, indeed it is breath-taking. The environment is also quite serene. The fresh air and the caressing breeze of the night relieve and renew you. The unusual scenery is also stunning. Imagine spending a week for a vacation in a houseboat. The pressure of the workplace, the constant care of your children and other worldly worries would be a thing of the past. That is the essence of having good times outdoors – to relieve tension.

Amsterdam: your exclusive houseboat destination

Bookahouseboat is the leading platform for houseboat rentals globally. Looking forward to an excellent holiday, engage our services. We host you to delight in the serenity of Amsterdam and enjoy residing in an exceptional boathouse. Amsterdam is popular for houseboats, canals and rich cultural heritage. This rich combination draws tourists and business people from all over the world. Amsterdam is a preferred destination also because of the strategic point en-route Europe and the US. Apart from taking shelter in a floating home, you have an opportunity to swim, ride bikes or hike. Staying on a houseboat will also allow you to quickly move within the city. Visiting the city centre will break the monotone of tranquillity and refresh you a bit. You can conveniently operate from the boathouse in case you are a delegate to a conference in town. Consider an Amsterdam houseboat rental the best choice for your unmatched dwelling.

Don’t mind your pocket

Often travellers are reluctant to order for services in a hotel dreading exaggerated costs. But did you know that a houseboat is cheaper than a hotel room. Don’t fixate at the common experience of a hotel. Staying on a houseboat in Amsterdam al is the solution for your lodging needs. At, they offer competitive prices and ensure value for your pay. Your pleasure is their concern and the boat owners are very friendly and experience. The houseboats are lavished with modern equipment and gadgetry. Therefore, dining, accommodation, entertainment, and sanitations services are exceptional. Basically, their premises are world-class. They provide packages and arrangements of the living room and beds by the number of guests.

Life is too brief to limit yourself to the normal aspects and things. We are so used to hotels. Give the houseboat holiday a try and experience the difference. Get excellent services on houseboat rentals. Come as an individual, a family or a corporate business group and let Bookahouseboat offer their services. They are ready to receive you at their abode and promise you moments to recount. Why not acquire a houseboat in Amsterdam if you want to stay at a special place? Have a look at our various houseboats, from luxury stationary houseboats to amazing renovated cargo ships, and book in advance.

Interested in staying in a houseboat? Book a houseboat in Amsterdam

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